Sponsored Athletes


The intent of this status system is to develop deserving athletes and help them get the National and International experience necessary to eventually represent the USVI at the Olympic Games. Our funding is extremely limited and must be used where it has been earned. VISA is in no way discouraging athletes from attending events on their own.

July 2017 – June 2018 Sponsored Athletes


A – Olympic Status: Qualified for Olympics / World Match Racing

  • Taylor Canfield2 Taylor Canfield – 2013, 2014, & 2015 VISA Sailor of the Year; reigning Match Race World Champion
  • Cy Thompson Cy Thompson – 2016 VISA Sailor of the Year; Qualified for 2016 Olympics

B – International Status: top 10% in three Core Regattas, Pan Am Games Eligible

  • Augustina Barbuto
  • Nikki Barnes
    Nikki Barnes
  • Ian barrows
    Ian Barrows

  • Colin Brego
  • Scot McKenzie 29er
    Scott McKenzie
  • Nicolosi - Graceann (343x475)
    Graceann Nicolosi
  • Nicolosi - Mia (800x534)
    Mia Nicolosi
  • Nicolosi - Teddy (640x427)
    Teddy Nicolosi
  • Tyler Rice 2016
    Tyler Rice
  • Alec Tayler
    Alec Tayler
  • Thomas Walden
    Thomas Walden

C- National Status: CAC Games eligible and / or top 15% in three Core Regattas

  • blank
    Paige Clarke

D – Local Status: Notable local sailors not yet finishing in the top 15% in three Core Regattas

Mack Bryan                                                                                                   Aljo DiBlasi                                                                                                  Ethan Hanley

Olivia Hanley                                                                                                Sarah Hardee                                                                                               Steven Hardee

Robert Hunter                                                                                              Ryan Hunter                                                                                                 Kate Klempen

Lucy Klempen                                                                                               Tanner Krygsveld                                                                                         Katherine Majette

Winborne Majette                                                                                        Rodney Moorehead                                                                                     Ryan Moorehead

Rider Odom                                                                                                  Caroline Sibilly                                                                                             Julian Van den Dreissche

  • 2015 IOR St. Thomas International Regatta. © Matias Capizzano
    Mathieu Dale
  • photo mateo bermuda
    Mateo DiBlasi
  • Kohl - Atlee (600x800)
    Atlee Kohl
  • Kohl - Dawson (600x800)
    Dawson Kohl
  • Lola Kohl (600x800)
    Lola Kohl
  • Chris Sharpless