Virgin Islands Sailing Association (VISA) is the USVI MNA (Member National Authority) to International Sailing Federation (ISAF). VISA is also the Sailing Federation member to VIOC (Virgin Islands Olympic committee) representing the sport of sailing in the US Virgin Islands.

VISA’s purpose:

  • To govern, promote and encourage interest and participation in the sport of sailing
  • in the US Virgin Islands for all segments of the community by serving as the National Authority;
  • To encourage our membership to participate in local and overseas competition
  • and to provide them with a framework and logistical support to succeed at
  • International and Olympic events;
  • To maintain its status as a Full Member of the International Sailing Federation
  • (“ISAF”) and to make such affiliations with other Associations that will maintain
  • and enhance the Association’s role as the National Authority for US Virgin Islands.
  • To promote educational programs in the training of sailors, race officials and race management personnel for participation in international, national and intersectional competition
    To recognize and support ISAF by;
    Promoting the objects, interests and influence of ISAF;
    Carrying out and respecting ISAF’s rules, regulations and decisions;
    Using reasonable endeavors to persuade others within the Association’s
  • jurisdiction to refrain from actions that are inconsistent with ISAF’s objects,rules regulations and decisions.
  • To represent its Members to ISAF
  • To provide a Committee to hear and determine appeals from the ruling of any Protest Committee of races sailed within VISA’s jurisdiction.
  • To arrange and conduct races where the need arises.